What Diet? | Ramen Nagi

I met up with my friend from my former office two weeks ago and he suggested this list of top places to eat ramen here in Manila. I was hearing about this Ramen Nagi and we decided to check it out. It is located at 5/F SM Aura.

Since it was gaining popularity, a lot of people were there and we waited to be seated (7th on the waiting list!). But the wait is definitely worth it.

Their menu is a sheet of paper (Omotenashi Sheet, it was called) where you circle your choices on how you want your ramen. It looks like this:


I wanted to be brave so I chose for my own but there’s a “Chef’s Recommendation” option. 🙂 My friend and I were super excited and by the time the ramen arrived, all our attention shifted to the bowl.


The rich broth was flavored with curry with ample serving of pork belly. I like my noodles “hard” bordering on undercooked. When I took my first sip of the broth, I was instantly a fan. Usually, I don’t like curry flavor but it was not overpowering. My friend said that it tasted authentic as he had been to Japan and tasted authentic ramen there. It was so flavorful but probably not best to eat if you have hypertension. 😉

IMG_20140218_215302We are definitely happy customers. I want to try the other kinds (Butao King, Black King). Come join me! 🙂


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